Red River Liquor Co. History

From Akeley's Historical Lumber Company to Your Local Event Center

The name "Red River Event Center" is a throwback to the Akeley Red River Lumber Company and its owners Walker and Akeley. We named our event center after the Red River Lumber Company because we wanted to bring some history back into Akeley and shed some light on how the city of Akeley and Paul Bunyan came to be.


In the late 1860’s Walker ventured into the lumber business. In the 1880’s Akeley joined him to establish the Red River Lumber Company in Akeley, Minnesota. The Akeley facility operated from 1899 to 1915. The Red River Lumber Company eventually grew into a national corporation with sales and services in Minnesota and out west. Many of the mills' original buildings have burned or been replaced over the years. Visit the Akeley Paul Bunyan Historical Museum if you’d like to learn more.

Log scaling to determine the value of lumber for sale

We are locally owned and family operated. The RREC is newly renovated with a beautiful, private bar to meet the needs of your wedding, corporate event, or fundraiser. We take great pride in treating our guests like family and serving our community through fundraising programs, donations and contributions. Our goal is to make the planning process as simple as possible for you.


Our staff is here to answer all your questions in preparation for your next event, family celebration, wedding, or any other type of gathering! From big, open weddings to small intimate fundraising events, we can make it happen!


The Red River Event Center Hall is available for gatherings or corporate events. We offer amazing wedding packages affordable for everyone while still providing a five-star experience for your special day. One of the most important choices you will make is selecting a location with amenities that will ensure wonderful memories. As the venue sets the tone for your day, you want to choose that special place that suits you and your guests perfectly!